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Lime Wash Interior
Lime Wash Exterior

Portola's Limewash is an Eco Friendly, Ultra low V.O.C, traditional lime base coating made with modern technology, which allows easy application and longevity. Portola's Limewash is designed to instantly give an aged, suede like, molted look to any interior or exterior masonry surface. For a wipeable surface, use Portola's Matte Wall Sealer.

Roman Clay

Our Roman Clay is an ultra low V.O.C, putty knife applied wall finish that gives a marble like texture to any smooth surface. Roman Clay gives wonderful depth and rustic originality, and is available in a wide range of standard and custom blended colors. For a durable finish, also use Portola's Wall Wax or Acrylic Topcoat.

Tuscan Wash

Portola's Tuscan Wash is an incredible durable two step process used in combination with portola's Low Sheen, that allows you to create the same effects used by artists throughout Europe for centuries. Portola's Tuscan Wash is well suited for all decor themes, form contemporary to classical, and is available in a broad range of colors.

Royal Satin

Our Royal Satin brings the rich lustre of satin fabric to an incredibly durable pearlescent paint finish. A great finish for wood trim, furniture, of applied to walls with a srtie technique. Available in a variety of stock and custom blended colors.

Florentine Glaze

Our Florentine Glaze is a beautiful, incredibly durable, high gloss glaze that is used in combination with our Low Sheen to give intensity and translucency to interior surfaces. Florentine Glaze is similar to traditional oil based and scumble glazes, except it has been created in a water based medium for healthier application and a more environmentally friendly product. Florentine Glaze may be used for a variety of effects including ragging, stippling, dragging, strie, and sponging. Available in standard and custom blended colors.


Portola's Coppersmith creates a lustrous copper finish on any paintable surface. Coppersmith contains actual copper filings to ensure a beautiful, true copper finish. To create the green patina effect of aged copper, apply Portola's Patina Solution to Coppersmith base.

Wrought Iron

Portola's Wrought Iron Finish gives any paintable surface the look and feel of authentic wrought iron and with the application of Portola's Rust SOlution, it becomes instantly rusted and weathered enabling you to give any surface a rustic and aged finish.

Ultra Flat

Portola's Ultra Flat is a premium, low V.O.C., cermic based paint, suitable for most any paintable surface, creating rich density and depth of color. The ceramic based formula makes this product suitable for interior or exterior applications. Portola's ultra flat is available in a wide variety of stock and custom blended colors.

Low Sheen

Portola's low sheen is an incredibly durable, low V.O.C., ceramic based paint, most commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, on interior or exterior trim, or as a basse for Portola's Tuscan Wash and Florentine Glaze. Portola's Low Sheen is available in a wide3 variety of stock and custom blended colors.


Portola's Sandstone is a totally unique, low V.O.C., ceramic based paint, completely matte and richly textured to creat a suede like finish. Sandstone is suitable for interior and exterior applications and is available in a wide variety of stock and custom colors.