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Traditional Coatings

Portola is proud to offer a wide range of Zero to Low VOC water-based traditional house paints. Our Acrylic line offers a selection of interior/exterior wall coatings, and our Enamel line offers the highest technology in hard-wearing paints.

Read more about these finishes below and be sure to check out our New Standard color collection, the collection of hues hand created for these finishes.


Acrylic Series

These zero VOC, eco friendly, water-based paints are the perfect for interior walls

Ultra Flat Acrylic

A high quality matte finish designed for use throughout the house on ceilings and walls. 

Zero VOC - 1-3% Sheen Level


A low sheen, high performance wall and ceiling paint that is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, children's rooms, hallways and other high traffic areas.

Zero VOC - 4-8% Sheen Level

Low Sheen Acrylic

A slight step above eggshell, a low lustre satin finish, great for trim and high traffic walls.

Zero VOC - 12-20% Sheen Level



Enamel Series

These low VOC, water-based, Hybrid Alkyd paints are perfect for woodwork and anywhere a hard finish is desired.

Satin Enamel

An extremely durable satin finish, ideal for interior or exterior trim, doors, windows, cabinetry, woodwork, and metal. An excellent compliment to our Ultra Flat Acrylic on walls. 

Low VOC - 12-20% Sheen Level

Gloss Enamel

A traditional high gloss enamel. Extremely durable, ideal for interior or exterior trim, doors, windows, cabinetry, woodwork, and metal. An excellent way to add a dramatic pop!

Low VOC - 75+% Sheen Level



Exterior Series

5/60 Flat

Though all of our traditional coatings can be used interior and exterior, our 5/60 Flat was specifically designed for outdoor use. This elastomeric paint provides a flex that prevents cracking and chipping, making it the perfect, lasting exterior house paint.

Zero VOC - 2-4% Sheen Level


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